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Lori StairsMeet Physiotherapist Lori Stairs

I have been working as a Physiotherapist since graduating from McGill in 1988.

This is to say I have worked in many environments, both in the hospital setting and private clinics. I completed my Acupuncture certification in 1995, and I have a keen interest in ongoing education for manual therapy techniques, chronic pain and functional retraining. I am constantly dedicated to providing my clients with the best techniques and latest evidence-based practice. I am very experienced in providing therapy for work-related injuries through WSNB, motor vehicle injuries, and chronic pain and arthritic conditions.

Empowering Clients

I am dedicated to taking time with, and empowering my clients with the understanding of their condition and getting them started from their first visit. This includes home exercises specifically tailored from the assessment and progressed regularly, pain management advice and activity modifications if appropriate.

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I am happy to live and work on Fredericton Northside, and can’t wait to see you! Contact us today!

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